Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall
Foxydry Wall

Foxydry Wall

The manually adjustable wall-mounted drying rack, that doesn’t fear weight and prevents clutter!

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  • It flows down your wall for 1.3 meters
  • You can stop it at any height
  • You operate it manually with a convenient chain
  • The drying rack is equipped with a friction mechanism that reduces weight
  • Foxydry Wall can hold up to 10 kg of laundry
  • You can add another grid and double its load capacity (20 kg total)
  • The grid is equipped with 8 laundry rods with 10mm diameter
  • To prevent clutter, you can fold the grid onto itself
  • It is entirely made of aluminum and steel
  • You can also mount Foxydry Wall outside
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 2 year guarantee


    • Volume: L 152 x W 52 x H 137 cm
    • Volume when closed: L 152 x W 9 x H 137 cm
    • Total length for hanging: 11,5 mt
    • Maximum descent from the wall: 130 cm
    • Wall mounted, with 4 anchor points
    • On plasterboard, taking into account that its weight with a full load is 10 kg.
    • Free in EU
    • Free in UK (custom duties and import taxes are included)
    • Free in Norway*
    • Free in Switzerland*
    • 29€ in USA*
    • 29€ in Australia*
    • 49€ in Canada*

    * Any custom duties and import taxes are not included.

    72/96 hours from shipping


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    Make way, now you can run along your hallway without the risk of crashing into your drying rack!


    This is a dream for your children and pets. But also for you, let’s be honest!


    Foxydry Wall is anchored to the wall and it moves up and down, so you can be sure there is no risk of forgetting it around the house!

    Outside or inside? Makes no difference, it can withstand anything! Water, humidity... nothing can scratch the steel and anodized aluminum with which it is made.


    The lanyards are also bombproof!


    Yes, you got it right, this is not a drying rack that breaks after you use it twice. It just doesn't break!


    No, it's not like opening your blinds. Foxydry Wall is extremely light!


    You will immediately notice that the chain reduces the weight of your load, so you won’t feel like you’re lifting 10 kg - just half of it!


    Ah, let’s not forget the friction system, super important because there’s no risk for the grid to fall suddenly... especially on your head!

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