Foxydry Vivo
Foxydry Vivo
Foxydry Vivo
Foxydry Vivo
Foxydry Vivo
Foxydry Vivo
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Foxydry Vivo

The innovative active ironing board: heated and with suction and blowing functions.

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  • Foxydry Vivo is the active ironing board, with a heated surface, suction and blowing function: the winning secrets for ideal ironing.
  • The heated surface always remains dry, keeps the steam that passes through the fabrics warm and causes the fibres of the garments to soften. Ironing becomes less tiring. Reduces ironing times by up to 50%.
  • The suction function also facilitates the passage of steam through multiple layers of fabric and pushes it downwards. Avoids the formation of condensation and moisture residues in clothing. You will get ironed and dry garments, ready to be stored in a wardrobe or suitcase.
  • You will completely eliminate that annoying smell of stagnant water that certain garments develop when moisture remains in the fabric fibres.
  • The suction helps to keep the light garments in position on the ironing board, and fixes the result of the ironing, ensuring perfect creases, where necessary. Ironing with professional results.
  • The blowing function is ideal for delicate garments and difficult areas (precious fabrics, sequins, prints, trouser pleats, etc.). Allows ironing on an air pad without pressure on the garments. Using only the power of the steam will prevent the formation of secondary creases or seam marks.
  • Adjustable height Foxydry Vivo adapts to your needs. It is made of steel and aluminium, and so it is resistant to rust.
  • It is lightweight and can be easily closed and moved, thanks to the practical wheels integrated in the support base. Like a luggage trolley, it is foldable and compact: it can be stored in very little space.
  • Complete with matching machine washable cover, cable tie and iron mat.
  • Compatible with any type of iron.
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • 2 year guarantee


    • Closed ironing board dimensions: L 50 x W 14 x H 117cm
    • Ironing area: L 48 x W 108cm
    • Power supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz
    • Maximum consumption: 250W
    • Weight: 15 kg
    • Power cord length: 2.5 m
    • Free in EU
    • 9€ in UK (custom duties and import taxes are included)
    • Free in Switzerland*
    • Free in Norway*

    * Any custom duties and import taxes are not included.

    4/5 business days from shipping

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    Ironing on a heated surface prevents condensation of steam, helps keep clothes dry and ensures that the whole system is more efficient.


    The fibres of the fabrics lying on the heated surface will naturally be softer and the creases easier to smooth out. 


    Overall, ironing becomes less tiring and the ironing time will be reduced by up to 50%.



    The suction system amplifies the effectiveness of steam ironing by removing any moisture residue from the ironed fabrics. You can wave goodbye to that annoying smell of stagnant water from garments that are not completely dry.


    The suction function facilitates the flow of steam through the fibres and pushes it downwards. It also allows you to iron multiple overlapping layers with ease and excellent results, as in the case of household linen or fabrics that are normally thicker, such as jeans or work clothes.


    The suction system helps to keep the lighter items (silk, etc.) well spread on the board, preventing them from slipping. The work will be finished in no time!



    Floating ironing is the perfect way to iron the most delicate and heat sensitive garments. Blouses, dresses, precious fabrics, sequin embroidery, printed T-shirts, trouser pockets, lining or jacket shoulders will no longer be a problem.


    In all these cases, the blowing system is what makes ironing easy; so easy that anyone can use it. The blowing system creates an air bearing between the sheet and the ironing board that allows the iron to be moved in each direction without creating additional creases.


    The iron floats above the floating sheet and the fabric is not trapped under the iron: in this way, thanks to the action of the steam, the creases will disappear.


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