Foxydry Wall

The wall-mounted drying rack you won’t notice

We are talking about a shy type, a little traditionalist if you like, a kind of wallflower that doesn’t like to attract too much attention. It’s also an order freak, but this is certainly not a drawback!

Foxydry Wall is the wall-mounted drying rack that made those who want to rule their own spaces again fall in love - definitively eliminating the need for a traditional drying rack!


If you want more, you’ll get more... laundry i mean! 


How uncomfortable is it when you have a mountain of laundry to wash and you don't know where to put it ... With the addition of an extra grid, Foxydry Wall doubles its capacity from 10 to 20 kg. 

Much better than having an extra drying rack - that's beginner stuff!

More space for you, 

more order for your home 


If you too get crazy when you find your drying rack hanging around, know that you are not alone! We've all been there, that’s why we invented Foxydry Wall. 

It just sits there, fixed to your wall. The laundry is no longer scattered around the house, and you can spend time doing what you enjoy, without having to rush around tidying. That’s what it’s there for!

Children and pet-proof 


Go ahead. No danger of collision in sight. Your children and pets will be free to run around the house without the risk of crashing into the drying rack. 

Foxydry Wall is also equipped with a safety system to prevent sudden falls.

You won’t get rid of it easily! 

Foxydry wall is a tough nut to crack, it does not get damaged over time even if it’s kept outside. All thanks to its aluminum and steel structure.

Putting it together? It’s easy as! 

Installing foxydry wall is very simple, just follow the instructions inside the package, or head over to our youtube channel!

Light? It goes without saying! 

A sturdy chain helps it rise and descend up to 1.30m on your wall with no effort ... No, you haven’t suddenly got fit, it is just that foxydry wall is so light!


The product is worth the money it costs. The workmanship and the quality level are very good. The mechanism for raising and lowering the drying rack works perfectly well, no need for effort from our side. It’s also quite big, so it is possible to hang large loads. 


David, Poland

Technical Sheet and Instruction Manual

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