Our Best Clothes Airer Models

Welcome to your new haven of comfort and functionality, where each product is an invitation to relax and enhance home efficiency. In our assortment, you will find a variety of wall and ceiling-mounted clothes drying racks, advanced blowing and suction ironing boards, elegant bathroom mirrors, durable clothespins, and stylish laundry baskets. Choose the item that best fits your lifestyle and home, combining practicality and aesthetics. Sit back, relax, and discover the ease with which our products can transform your household chores.

foxydry pro page models drying rack

Foxydry Pro

Sale Price€679,70
Heated drying rack with remote control Sale Price€679,70 €689,70
foxydry air page models drying rack

Foxydry Air

Sale Price€479,70
Ceiling drying rack with remote control Sale Price€479,70 €489,70
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Foxydry Mini

Sale Price€149,70
Manual ceiling drying rack Sale Price€149,70 €159,70

+ colors

foxydry wall plus page models drying rack

Foxydry Wall Plus

Sale Price€179,70
Manual wall-mounted drying rack with two racks Sale Price€179,70 €249,70

+ colors

Fold Down Terrazza

Foxydry Fold

Sale Price€79,70
Foldable wall-mounted drying rack Sale Price€79,70 €99,70

+ colors

foxydry tower page models drying rack

Foxydry Tower

Sale Price€199,70
Tower clothes airer with three foldable racks Sale Price€199,70 €339,70

+ colors

foxydry duo ambiente terrazzo interno mare abiti

Foxydry Duo

Sale Price€69,70
Balcony Clothes Drying Rack Sale Price€69,70

+ colors

foxydry hide bathroom

Foxydry Hide

Sale Price€79,70
Retractable clothesline Sale Price€79,70

+ colors

foxydry wall page models drying rack

Foxydry Wall

Sale Price€149,70
Manual wall-mounted drying rack Sale Price€149,70 €169,70

+ colors

foxydry pro for walls page models drying rack

Foxydry Pro for Walls

Sale Price€729,70
Wall-mounted heated drying rack with remote control Sale Price€729,70 €759,70
Foxydry Air for walls 01 f2528de7 1d62 49da 914b 8d27f4d516c8

Foxydry Air for Walls

Sale Price€539,70
Wall-mounted drying rack with remote control Sale Price€539,70 €569,70
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Ironing Boards

Sale Price
Heated, suction and blowing ironing board Sale Price
TIDY   PEGGY3 cb3150a5 a30c 4d19 93f5 67a0663ba457

Laundry Accessories

Sale Price
Laundry Basket Sale Price
SPECCHIO RETTANGOLARE PROFILO 04 42ad0146 25cd 427b 8877 99d74cd542a5


Sale Price
Bathroom and laundry mirrors Sale Price

Discover the perfect solution for your home with our extensive range of products, designed to meet every need and style preference. From modern wall and ceiling clothes dryers to innovative blowing and suction ironing boards, each item is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring not just functionality but also adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Transform the way you care for your garments with our wall and ceiling clothes dryers. Designed to maximize space and ease drying, they are available in various designs and materials to fit any home environment. From space-saving options to more extensive models, we have the ideal clothes dryer for every requirement.

Elevate your ironing experience with our blowing and suction ironing boards, designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. Choose from a variety of styles, materials, and colors to find the perfect fit for your home. For a touch of sophistication, opt for models with elegant details and functional designs.

Enhance your daily routine with our bathroom mirrors, offering not just practicality but also a decorative element to your space. To complete your laundry area, discover our attractively designed laundry baskets and durable clothespins, ideal for taking care of your garments in style.

At Foxydry, we believe that perfection is not only in comfort but also in expressing your personal style. Explore our diverse range of products, combining different materials, colors, and shapes to find the one that truly reflects your unique taste. Relax and enjoy the exceptional quality and design of our products.


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