Dryer or drying rack, two partners for a perfect laundry

Tørketrommel og tørkestativ: to forbundsfeller for perfekt klesvask

There’s no way to avoid doing laundry. The washing machine is the universal appliance for this purpose.
But after washing comes drying… So, at this point, you wonder: which is better, a dryer or a drying rack?

  1. Dryer or drying rack: which one you should choose
  2. The drying rack over the years
  3. Laundry sector: between dryer and drying rack

Dryer or drying rack: which one you should choose

In fact, it’s not really a question of one or the other. Just ask anyone who owns a dryer: they’ll tell you that they still need a drying rack.

You really can’t live without a drying rack, because the dryer can’t cover all your laundry needs and there are many situations in which linens, clothing, tablecloths and sheets just need to be hung. So, dryers and drying racks can prove to be excellent allies.

No one would ever deny that a dryer is a useful appliance since it dries laundry completely in a short time regardless of the weather. And A+++ class dryers really cut power consumption.

Yet, a dryer doesn’t solve all the needs of families or singles, since some things are too delicate to be thrown in a dryer.

And, it’s really a shame to use a dryer on hot and sunny days. Fresh air and sunlight kill bacteria naturally, and can even dry laundry faster.

Finally, some garments often only need an airing with no real washing.

In all these cases, you need and will use a tool to hang your washing. You might not need a traditional drying rack, but a space-saving ceiling or wall-mounted clothes drying rack. Remember the name Foxydry.

Drying rack over the years

Our drying rack is a simple but clever tool, created to solve the problem of where to hang the washing. It has evolved considerably over time: from a simple clothes line to a design object that integrates well and adds value to any home, from the oldest to the most modern.

Today, we offer several drying rack models to choose from to suit your home’s available space and style.

We also make models that will go practically unnoticed when not in use and that take up very little room, making them true space savers. These solutions are especially suitable for small spaces, since they are designed to be mounted on the ceiling or wall.

One example is the Foxydry drying rack, created to overcome the space limitations dictated by small apartments. It then became appreciated and loved even in larger homes. Our flagship product is also equipped with a lamp to illuminate the room, and even has two built-in fans to recirculate the air to speed drying.

But perhaps the most striking element in the evolution of the drying rack is the remote control to raise and lower Foxydry Air easily and conveniently.

Incredible, isn’t it?

The laundry sector: between dryer and drying rack

The laundry sector has made great progress in recent decades, now offering some solid drying solutions: let’s consider the dryer and the drying rack.

While the dryer can dry pretty much anything quickly and in specific times, the drying rack also solves the drying issue completely for both heavy-duty and delicate garments, for sheets, and simply to air out jackets and shirts.