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Foxydry Pro

Foxydry Pro is the electric ceiling-mounted clothesline that dries your laundry in no time.

Air, Light, Design.

The best Foxydry laundry drying rack ever.

A refined design, made of the highest quality materials.

Designed to make your life easier.

Anxiety about laundry that takes days and days to dry in winter?

Straight from space... no, from the clever minds of our team, comes Foxydry Pro, the electric ceiling - or wall-mounted - drying rack that dries your laundry in the blink of an eye.

Hey humidity, are you home? Get ready to pack!

Unrivalled performance.

16 W LED panel lamp

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Rewrites the rules.

Three, two, one... action!

With just one click from the remote control, a blast of hot air from its 2 fans will speed up the drying of your laundry.

If we hadn't invented it, we'd all still be standing there with a hairdryer in our hands trying to dry our clothes.

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The evolution of laundry.

Heating action? We've got it.

Extendable tubes for bulky laundry? We've got it.

Remote control management? We've got it.

Integrated low-energy lighting? We got it.

Ah, didn't we tell you? Yes, Foxydry Pro can also act as a chandelier, thanks to its functional LED panel!

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Designed for you.

Gleaming steel, anodised aluminium, modern and attractive design... let's face it: is he a catch or isn't he?

And it's a discreet one too: when needed, it gets out of the way by disappearing at ceiling height.

All you have to do is press a button!

You can install it everywhere

Sloping wall, plasterboard, ceiling... igloo? OK, igloos maybe not, but Foxydry Pro can be installed almost anywhere as is or by adding the cable kit or brackets.

Which Foxydry ceiling drying rack is best for you?

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Foxydry PRO

Ceiling Drying Rack with Heated System €689,70
Foxydry Air 09 0ec3fd69 2798 41f1 af47 15556dfaae90

Foxydry AIR

Ceiling Drying Rack with Remote Controlled €489,70
Foxydry Mini 12

Foxydry MINI

Manual Ceiling Drying Rack €159,70

Do you prefer it Ceiling or Wall?