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Wall Drying Rack

Foxydry FOLD

The wall-mounted drying rack that disappears from view with just one click perfect for your laundry room!

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Foxydry Fold

Size matters… up to an extent!

Foxydry Fold is smaller compared to our other models, and because of this you may think that its load capacity is also reduced. But that’s not true! 

Foxydry Fold can support up to 10 kg of laundry, without the slightest effort!

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Foxydry Fold

Don't be deceived by appearances, they are never right!

Small? Yup!
Not bulky? Of course!
Not very resistant? Absolutely not! 

Foxydry Fold is also made of steel and anodized aluminum, making it able to withstand humidity and the elements, so you can install it both inside and outside your home.

It’s a tenacious little guy, with the tendency to resist a lot over time!

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Foxydry Fold

Order and space with only one clip!

Foxydry Fold doesn't take up much space, and in tight spaces every inch makes a difference. 

With the snap of a finger, the drying rack closes on itself like a wallet, and stays anchored to the wall with its one special clip.

And now, who notices it anymore?

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Foxydry Fold

Downward Flexibility

Foxydry Fold, already a marvel in space-saving, now surprises again with a downward fold option.

Its sleek, compact design cleverly conceals its robust nature, proving that it's not just about appearances. This version retains the sturdy build and stylish look, ready to weather the elements indoors or out.

A simple clip, and it's discreetly out of sight, proving great things come in small, versatile packages.

Essential FAQs for Foxydry Fold

Foxydry Fold is designed to support up to 10 kg of laundry, combining strength and compact design efficiently.

Yes, there are options to purchase bundles which offer savings, allowing you to enjoy more for less.

Foxydry Fold offers flexible installation with two closure options: choose between an upward or downward folding model to best suit your space, easily selectable under 'Select Your Model'.

You install it with your brainpower

Foxydry fold is super easy to mount on your wall! You just need to fix the grid, and the rest is all done! Seriously…putting it together is the easiest thing ever!