Foxydry WALL

The wall-mounted drying rack you won’t notice.

We are talking about a shy type, a little traditionalist if you like, a kind of wallflower that doesn’t like to attract too much attention. It’s also an order freak, but this is certainly not a drawback!

Foxydry Wall is the wall-mounted drying rack that made those who want to rule their own spaces again fall in love - definitively eliminating the need for a traditional drying rack!


Wall or Wall Plus, choose the model that's right for you!


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Buy Foxydry Wall Plus
Buy Foxydry Wall

You won’t get rid of it easily!

Foxydry wall is a tough nut to crack, it does not get damaged over time even if it’s kept outside. All thanks to its aluminum and steel structure.

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Foxydry WALL Plus

The manually adjustable wall-mounted drying rack with two racks, that doesn’t fear weight and prevents clutter!

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Foxydry WALL

The manually adjustable wall-mounted drying rack, that doesn’t fear weight and prevents clutter!