Bli återförsäljare för Foxydry torkställningar

Who are we looking for?

Are you a buyer in a large-distribution business or you own a shop in home furniture or bathroom design? Do you have an hardware shop or do you sell household appliances? Do you have an e-commerce in Home decor and Home furniture?

If so, we are looking for you!

Join our Reseller Program and you will have the opportunity to earn interesting margins on the sales.

The Italian brand Foxydry promises unique products manufactured in Italy where functionality and design meets.
Foxydry is a well recognized brand all over Europe. It is moreover distributed in Australia, the United States and Russia.

Here are all the benefit you can expect:

1) You would be the first and only point of reference in your area 
Not many stores currently sell Foxydry, and this means only one thing for you - zero competition!

2) An innovative, functional product that people love
All Foxydry models are surprising for consumers… and we are not being modest, the reviews we get from our customers are all more than positive. You can read some of them here.

3) We send customers to you
93% of our potential customers said they would prefer to buy Foxydry in a physical store, to be able to see the different drying racks we offer in real life. We mainly sell online, so we will be happy to indicate the nearest dealer to our future customers. And that could be you.

4) Interesting margins

Avoiding further intermediaries and cultivating a direct relationship with you as a reseller, our profit margins are really interesting. Fill out the form and introduce your business, we will be happy to talk about it together!

5) Use our name and reputation to your advantage
Since 2015 we have made ourselves known, establishing ourselves as the only brand of space-saving drying racks. Our name is synonymous with high quality and innovation, and you can use it to increase the authority of your shop!

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