Solutions and use

A thousand and one places to install Foxydry

No excuses: Foxydry models can be really installed anywhere! Get inspired by those who have already bought one!

wall plus solution

On your terrace

Stefano wanted to enjoy his terrace, but with his traditional drying rack always taking up space outside, he spent an entire summer without being able to enjoy even a ray of sunshine... and he had just bought a new deck chair!

Among our models, he chose Foxydry Wall Plus because it takes up little space. When necessary, he can lift it high and sit comfortably on his terrace to sunbathe.

It looks nice, right?

air solution

In your kitchen

Alberto and Sara have just bought a house, and until the family gets larger, they opted for a small apartment. Beautiful, but not very spacious.

They decided to combine business with pleasure by installing Foxydry Air in the kitchen, since they hadn’t bought a chandelier yet.

Foxydry Air comes with a low consumption LED lamp, plus it has such an elegant look that goes really well with their decor. Don't you agree?

mini solution

In the laundry room

On the other hand, Giulia and Francesco have just renovated their house after the arrival of little Tommaso and have managed to create a small laundry room on the ground floor, erecting a plasterboard ceiling.

It’s a small space, but they organized it well, installing Foxydry Mini right above the washing machine... so they can really use all the space available!

We congratulated them ourselves when they sent us this photo!

mini solution veranda

In your veranda

Luisa has always lived in her third floor apartment and now that her children are gone, she can use the laundry room to enjoy painting, her favourite hobby.

The only problem was where to move the washing machine and find a place for the drying rack, which she always kept in the living room on rainy days.

The enlightenment came when she discovered Foxydry Mini and thought of installing it on the ceiling of her veranda - a space that she had never thought of using until then - making it her new laundry.


You will be able to follow the delivery embracing your new space-saving drying rack in just 2 working days.