Looking for the best drying rack for sheets? You've found it!

Clothes drying rack for sheets

Modern design, innovative steel and aluminium construction, fans for easy drying, energy-saving LED light... Impossible to find better!

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  • Fans
  • Holds up to 35kg of laundry
  • Two double tubes that extend 40 cm on each side
  • Low-energy LED lamp
  • Can drop as much as 1.80 m from the ceiling
  • 24/18 positions available for jackets and shirts
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...the traditional drying rack is always in the way

If it's not in the hallway it's in the kitchen, if it's not in the kitchen it's in the living room, if it's not in the living room it's in the bedroom.

When it's nice weather the traditional drying rack is on the terrace or in the garden, but when it's cold or overcast?

If the drying rack is inside the house there's also the problem of humidity, as well as space.

You have to keep an eye on the walls and at the first hint of mould you have to take action. A real pain.

foxydry air ceiling drying rack for sheets

Shall we talk about the sheets touching the ground?

Let's face it, traditional drying racks are not made for hanging sheets.

First of all, they don't lie flat, and ironing them is a mad dash!

And if you get distracted for a moment, they hit the floor (or worse, the terrace floor!) and you risk having to wash them again.

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And then the sheets always struggle to dry!

On nice days fortunately there is the sun to help us out, but when it rains outside, the drying rack with the sheets hanging on it stays open for days on end.

The problem is especially the ones with corners... they never seem to dry!

A tragedy, especially if there isn't that much space in the house.

Yes, hanging sheets inside the house is a drama... if you don't have Foxydry Air!

It's not just us saying it, you're saying it too!

This really is the best sheet drying rack on the market

"I bought the drying rack and installed it on the balcony. What can I say: excellent. I have reclaimed the space that the normal clothesline used to take, I can comfortably hang my sheets and I have finally reclaimed my balcony."


Essential FAQ

Of course it does, Foxydry Air has 2 extendable tubes on both sides, which will allow you to easily hang out not only sheets, but also blankets and other bulky items.

Foxydray Air is perfect as a drying rack for double sheets, but also for bedspreads and double blankets. In fact, it can hold up to 35 kg of laundry.

You can install the Foxydray outdoors without any problem, the steel and aluminium used to make it ensures that the clothesline will last a long time and withstand the weather. For wall mounting, you will also need to purchase 2 Foxydry brackets.

Foxydry Air is friendly to the environment and to your wallet, its consumption is very low indeed: 140 watts when the clothesline is raised and lowered, the fans consume 40 watts when switched on (they switch off automatically after 3 h) and the LED lamp consumes about 18 watts when switched on.

Foxydry Air can be purchased directly from our website in just a few clicks, also in instalments.

Yes, absolutely. The fans are switched on using the supplied remote control that also regulates the rise and fall of the clothesline, but it is not necessary to switch them on to hang out the laundry.

Wondering if this is right for you? Talk to our experts.

They will give you correct information, without selling you anything. Just help you understand if it really is the solution you are looking for. Call +39 0438 971412

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