drying rack which one to choose

Clothes drying rack: which one should you choose?

A comprehensive guide to help you find the clothes drying rack that best suits your space and drying needs.

A floor or balcony drying rack? Or maybe a ceiling version? What about a wall unit? Indoors or outdoors? What if it rains? Made of plastic or should I look for something more solid, like aluminium or steel? Will it get damaged? How long will it last? Where should I put it? How much laundry can it hold? And how much should I spend on a quality clothes drying rack?

Drying rack: an essential tool

A drying rack is an essential tool in any home, even in ones with a clothes dryer. Whether for large loads of laundry, for just a few garments, or even just to air out a shirt or jacket occasionally, everyone needs a drying rack.

Air drying is ideal for all kinds of clothes, especially delicates, while providing an extremely ecological solution: clothes dry naturally without consuming any electricity, using air and heat.

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You should ask yourself all the questions

That’s why, before you buy a clothes drying rack, you should ask yourself all the questions at the beginning of this article. Don’t stop with the first model you see or the lowest price. The cheapest solution, especially for something you will use intensely on a daily basis, is never the best.

Remember that price reflects quality. As with many other products, the price of a drying rack depends on the intrinsic value of its materials and construction: the more these are worth, the longer it will last. And the more satisfied you’ll be with your purchase, day after day.

In addition to quality, which will impact your satisfaction over time, you should also consider the limits of the traditional floor clothes drying rack. Its biggest disadvantage is its size, a limitation that is intolerable since the traditional drying rack constantly occupies space in your home.

How often have you had to shove it out of the way to be able to enter a room that is already jam packed with other things? And how many times have you tripped over it, in a slalom between your ironing board and boiler? And have you ever had to pick it up with all the washing to move it from the bathroom to the balcony? How many times have your pets clawed your freshly washed sheets, or your children run into it?

All this is a problem if you live in a small space—but even if your home is larger—because you know that every inch of your home is precious. Why waste living space with a drying rack continuously underfoot? Today, space-saving drying racks are available. They are more practical, less cumbersome and absolutely safe.

How to choose the most suitable Foxydry drying rack for you

We created Foxydry as a functional, space-saving and attractive drying rack for ceilings and walls: it optimizes space, stays out of your way and speeds up drying, since warm air naturally rises.

Foxydry drying racks are made entirely of aluminium and steel, strong and durable noble materials that won’t rust or be damaged by moisture or salt.

So, how do you choose the Foxydry drying rack that’s right for you? Consider two simple factors:

1) In which room do you want to install it?

2) How much laundry do you normally need to dry?

Have you already thought about where you want to install your drying rack?

The best place for a drying rack is the driest spot in the house; it’s best if it has air recirculation or if it’s near — but not too near — a heat source like a radiator or another heated room.

However, if the driest room in your home is the living room, choose another suitable room (or corridor). With its lift-and-lower system, the Foxydry drying rack stays out of your way.

Possible suitable locations are the bathroom, laundry room or a hallway. Or it could be the utility room where you store everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

You might also consider a spot outdoors: you can install Foxydry on your veranda, terrace or balcony, in a spot sheltered from rain. In any case, you need to decide whether the ideal location for Foxydry is the ceiling or wall.

Ceiling. If you want to take advantage of your ceiling space, the models you need to consider are Foxydry Mini or Foxydry Air: the first is raised and lowered manually, while the second is remote controlled. Foxydry Air can even be mounted on ceilings with exposed beams and on sloped ceilings, using a special wire kit.

ceiling models, ceiling drying racks, foxydry mini and foxydry air

Wall. If you want to take advantage of your wall space, then you’ll want Foxydry Wall. It is mounted on the wall with four anchor points and can support one or two racks. But there’s more: Foxydry Air can also be wall mounted, by adding two brackets.

foxydry wall and foxydry air, space-saving drying racks

How many people live in your home and how much laundry do you need to dry?

Normal loads: Foxydry Mini and Foxydry Wall are ideal, as they can support wet laundry weighing up to 10 kg.

Medium-sized loads: You can add a second rack to Foxydry Wall for twice the hanging space and double the load capacity: with both racks, Foxydry Wall can support up to 20 kg.

Large loads: If you need to hang large quantities of laundry, or you want to hang sheets and blankets, Foxydry Air is the best solution for you. The heavy-duty structure is strong enough to support a massive 35 kg!

Also consider that, in addition to being able to handle the greatest weights and space, Foxydry Air offers valuable features and details: extendable rails, hooks to hang and dry shirts impeccably, an LED lamp to light the room, fans to facilitate drying… and, of course, the convenient remote control.

The following table presents all the features of each model.

foxydry comparison table, comparing foxydry mini, foxydry wall, foxydry air

Measure your ceiling or wall space to ensure the drying rack fits well. If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Free up precious space in your home with Foxydry.