Ceiling and Wall Drying Racks

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The drying rack for your ceiling or wall that revolutionizes your living space and improves your quality of life. Yes, we’re not making that up!

You get back home and it’s there, right in the middle of your hallway.

It’s your clothes drying rack, and it will not let you through!
Your sofa is only a few meters away, your socks scattered on the ground show you the way towards well-deserved relaxation. If you reach it, you’ll be safe, but the truth is that you’ll never get there...

There are two possibilities - either you surrender to the idea of crossing an obstacle track on your way home, or you let our space-saving drying rack change your everyday life...

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Foxydry PRO

Our new model: the heated drying rack, that speeds up drying even in the coldest days!

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What our community says

I love the clean lines. It is easy to use. Updated my laundry room. I have 10 foot ceilings. It tucks up and out of sight. My husband thinks it is pretty awesome too. I had an electrician put it up and he thought it was very well built.


Perfect drying rack for our laundry room. We hated having the folding racks taking up space and I had never seen this before. It is high quality and has been working perfect. Love it!


This is the best laundry room space saver ever. Hanging laundry is a constant at my house. This appliance solves this unsightly cumbersome problem. Now I can walk through my laundry room with ease. Clothes dry very quickly.


The clothes I hang up on this ery so quickly! Definitely recommend if living in an apartment.


We installed it 1 week ago and we have already used several times. It's very easy to pull up and down and it looks good when not in use. So far very happy with it.



You will be able to follow the delivery embracing your new space-saving drying rack in 6 working days