What is the difference between refurbished and used drying racks?

It can be easy to get refurbished and used drying racks confused. But there’s a big difference — we break it down, below.

Used vs. refurbished

Refurbished. Used. Pre-owned. Secondhand. It can get confusing. Aside from the syllable count, there are a lot of (important) differences between a used device and a refurbished one.

When you’re looking for tech that’s better for your wallet and the planet, you only need to look for one word — refurbished. That’s because a used device is sold to you “as is,” and a refurbished device has been repaired to like new quality.

What to expect when buying used devices

Used: Vintage is great for streetwear, not so much for electronics. Buying “used” or “secondhand” drying racks means you’re buying the device in the condition the previous owner left it in. Engine damage? Scratches? It’s all there. And while the person or place you're buying it from may tell you that it works, you really don’t know how well until you have the drying rack in hand. By then, it’s too late to take it back. Used tech like this is typically sold without any sort of return policy or warranty.

Sure, you might save the most cash when you buy used, but without a guarantee of engine life — or basic functionality — it can be a big risk, especially for a piece of tech that’s so integral to our everyday lives.

What does refurbished mean?

Does refurbished mean used? Technically yes, all refurbished devices have been used before. But a refurbished device doesn’t go straight from one hand to the next. Imagine that “used” drying rack again — except with a serious glow up. Expert technicians have tested the engine, repaired major dents or scratches, and even taken it apart to replace damaged parts. Once the refurbishment process is complete, the device functions just like new. It’s also been tested for safety, to avoid the risks that used tech brings. 

These are the kind of drying rack you can find on Foxydry. And even though we know they’re great, we also make sure that they come with the sort of guarantees you need to know, too. Things like a 2-year warranty, 14 days to change your mind, and free delivery to UE.

How Foxydry categorises refurbished products

We also categorise product on Foxydry by their cosmetic grades, to make sure you know exactly what you can expect when your drying rack arrives. Depending on the grade of the drying rack you purchase, you can expect either a little bit of cosmetic wear and tear or none at all.

Grade: Good

Body: May have micro-scratches visible from 20 inches away.

Grade: Excellent

Body: May have barely visible micro-scratches, not noticeable from 8 inches away.

No matter the cosmetic grade, every device functions like new.

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