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Foxydry Vivo

Revolutionise the way you iron!

Foxydry Vivo is the innovative active ironing board: heated, vacuum and blowing.

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Suction + Blowing. The ironing formula.

Take a closer look at the Foxydry Vivo ironing board.

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3 reasons why VIVO is different from other ironing boards

Did you know that for ideal ironing, even before how you iron, it is crucial WHERE you iron? On which surface?
Foxydry Vivo is the perfect solution for those looking for a compact, durable ironing board with professional results.
Its suction and blowing functions set it apart from other ironing boards on the market.

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1. You name it... layers!

The suction function promotes the passage of steam even through several layers of fabric and pushes it down.

It prevents condensation and residual moisture in the garments.

You will get ironed and well-dried garments, ready to be stored in the wardrobe, or in your suitcase.

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2. Doesn't make a crease!

The blowing function is ideal for delicate garments and difficult areas (precious fabrics, sequins, prints, trouser creases, etc.).

It allows you to iron on a pad of air without pressure on the garments.

By using steam power alone you will avoid secondary creases or seam marks.

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Heated top

3. Ready in a flash!

The heated worktop always stays dry, keeps the steam warm as it passes through the fabrics and causes the fibres of the garments to soften.

Ironing will become less tiring.

In addition, you can reduce ironing time by up to 50%.

Trust the people who chose us!

Light and compact, a perfect friend.

Yes! You read that right. Foxydry Vivo is lightweight and can be easily folded and moved thanks to the practical wheels integrated in the base. Like a travel trolley. It can be stored in very little space.

You deserve easy ironing.