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For any technical or commercial inquiry please don’t hesitate to call us on +39 0438.97.14.12.

OpYou can also contact us by sending an email to or by filling in the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I get my Foxydry?

    In between 3-5 days from order (or receipt of payment in case of bank transfer).

  • How does the second rack of Foxydry Wall works?

    - One rack stays fixed at the bottom and can close on itself, while the other slides along the wall and is controlled through a small chain.
    - With the additional rack you will have twice as much space to hang and double the load capacity (up to 20kg!)
    - The additional rack costs € 59,90
    - To order: send us an email to :)

  • Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?

    If you need an invoice, please let us know upon purchase and send us your billing details (including your tax code and VAT number) - you will receive your invoice along with your item or by email.

  • Can I connect Foxydry without the help of an electrician?

    Foxydry Air requires an electrical connection. Such connection must be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.
    Make sure that the plugs supplied with the product are suitable for the ceiling or wall to which you want to mount your drying rack.
    Foxydry Mini and Foxydry Wall do not require an electrical connection.

  • Are there shipping costs?

    For the UK and European Union shipping is free.
    For all other countries, email us with your destination address and we'll tell you how much the shipping will be!

  • Where can I install Foxydry?

    Foxydry can be installed in basically any room and even outdoors (if protected from rain).
    The Foxydry Air model can be fixed also to sloping ceilings with the special Wire Kit or even to wall susing the Foxydry brackets!

  • How much washing can Foxydry hold?

    Foxydry Air: up to 35 kg
    Foxydry Mini and Foxydry Wall: up to 10kg. (or 20kg in case of Foxydry Wall with two racks).

  • How can I pay for my order?

    - Bank Transfer
    - Credit or Debit Card
    - PayPal

  • Where do you operate from?

    Our operational unit is in the Venice Area, Italy.
    Ideation, production, logistics and assistance are all carried on here.

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